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Please save my life! I do not want your money! I just want your support: comment, share and report!

Letter sent to YouTube administrators.

Letter sent to YouTube administrators.
Quito, February 16, 2019.

Dear, I am 59 years old. I am losing my sight and I am dying too, because the doctors are denying me the medication.

The Ecuadorian state wants to silence my denunciations for being a political refugee. 
I have dared to point out, that they, are outdated regarding the diseases related to hemoparasitosis. For that reason I am being blocked and persecuted.

All those videos show the history of a terrible disease. All are my property, made with a lot of courage, hunger and pain.

On the video "14"... for me it does not have a great importance, you can gladly erase it, to justify your "community policies".

I hope, and this I say very seriously, that the others do not erase me.

I remind you that the main objective of the corporations that "administer" citizen media information, should not be money. The priority must be focused on facilitating a flow of information that contributes values to citizens; and not use them, as simple merchandise.

For all these reasons dear, please, then let us all make a "great test of faith":

Could you deliver, for me, these videos to be reviewed in the WHO, UNHCR, Human Rights or in the Television Media in the United States of America?

With it, you could save my life and those of other people. In advance, I thank you. That would be a real strike for corruption!

Sincerely, Jorge Mejías Acosta.

Meanwhile, I will be sitting in front of the presidential palace, investing the few days of my life in denouncing corruption to save the health of the Ecuadorian people.

Stay tuned: the palace guards, the national and metropolitan police, possibly try to attack me, disrespecting my human rights!


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Quito, November 28, 2018.

We do not want your money; only your moral support: comment, share, claim and denounce!

How is it explained that Ecuador is a country with less than 20 million inhabitants that receives more refugees than much larger ones like, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico?

We know!

It is not because of the refugees, it is because of the enormous contributions received!

More than 25% of that income goes to the bank accounts of investors and acolytes of human rights organizations.

In Ecuador, non-governmental organizations, especially those related to human rights, call themselves: UN, WHO, UNHCR or HIAS, they act with total freedom, challenging state control.

They all have the same work style as private banking!

They receive donations and budgets allocated by the UN, with the commitment to provide a quality service to refugees.

Once the money has been deposited in their accounts, they activate a huge project with the intention of saving tens of millions of dollars.

This project consists of:

First: create a humanitarian image to appropriate the symbol that represents human rights.

second: to enable a strategic promotion, with the purpose of seeking a social anchoring and the protection of the authorities.

third: invest 25% of donations in jobs and infrastructure.

fourth: each official is a key factor in the decrease in the quality of services. What represents a considerable saving and gains approximated to 50% on the invested. Those profits go directly to the pocket of the main investors; of course, all anonymous, attached to Wall Street.

On the other hand, we observe an abandonment and total indifference to the principles established by the founders of these organizations.

There is a strategy to solve the most common problems. It is processed the easiest; cases that do not represent a certain "social archetype" are automatically canceled.

All the social patterns created by humanity have been distorted for the purpose of winning and winning.

The lawyers become "accessors"; subliminally suggest to refugees that they should not rebel themselves against the system.

Financial aid is scarce. It is not justified with the resources received.

There is a huge disproportion between the number of employees, quality and the diversity of services, evidencing the need to control all the executing processes.

The managers are not visible to the public. The schedules are not respected. Most spend their time in activities unrelated to humanitarian projects.

All their actions are conditioned by the defense of their salaries, privileges and special interests.

They earn exorbitant remunerations and are rewarded for their abilities to control an army of parasitic officials who act as true committed soldiers: "slaves of the system and enemies of the people"; The closest thing to Communism!

Who controls all this in Ecuador?

Who judges it?

No one!

For the simple reason that the Ecuadorian government is also a private bank!

Does the State need the presence of these corrupt ONG?

Of course.

The State also needs to associate itself with the symbol that represents human rights, with the aim of seeking a social anchorage and the protection of the citizen's conscience.

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